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You have difficulties finding heath professionals in Moscow? Here there are ! Our objective is to provide a list of well-trained and experienced medics who will do their best to treat you, and advise you while avoiding the pitfalls of  medical commercialism which is so widespread  in modern Moscow.

The objective of this website is to help the English-speaking community, by identifying health profesionals that were trained or had working experience in at least 2 countries, making them more adaptative to foreign patients. This website is part of a network that was founded in Paris with the Health in Paris group. If you are interested in our network, mail us (), and we will send you further information. In some cases, we will give names of reknown medical centers where English-speaking health professionals that received training abroad have their practice.

You want to check the availability of your usual medication in Moscow pharmacies ?  Here is a good website (Russian only !) to identify in which pharmacy you will find your treatment : medlux

Our list of English-speaking health professionals

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